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Join to millions of players around the world. Meet and Play Live

Pokerface is the first group video chat Texas hold ’em Poker game that lets people from around the world experience the fun of playing live with friends and making new ones!
With Pokerface, mobile poker social gamers can compete with others through live group video chat, without having to leave the comfort of their home. 


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Pokerface is a new poker game experience! For the first time you can play poker with your friends on live group video chat with up to 5 people at the same time. 
The app makes connecting face to face effortless, alerting you when your friends are in the game and ready to chat and play with you, so you can jump right into the table and kick there a$$ 😜. The same goes for you opening the app! Your friends will know you're in the app and ready to play so they can join your table. Pokerface is the new generation of Texas Hold'em Poker! Get a new experience. Play with friends or meet new one. Play anywhere - anytime. See your friends more often on pokerface tables.

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